About Ted Preuss

Ted Preuss, a self-taught photographer was born 1962 in Colorado. For as long as he can remember, he has been taking photographs. He picked up his first camera at the age of seven and instantly became obsessed with the nature of the medium. After spending many years photographing during family vacations his passion for photography led to a career as a freelance architectural photographer for a decade in Boston and San Francisco. Preuss decided to take a break from photography and explored the world of furniture design in Chicago. After several years he realized how much he missed photography and decided to seek it out once again, this time as an art form. However, the things that he learned about lines and shapes stayed with him and became an integral part of his art today.
Ted Preuss, Photographer Ted Preuss
Another great passion in his life is 19th century art and antiques. Often he feels his soul is in this period of time. This is probably why he creates his photographs with vintage large-format cameras and explores 19th century photographic processes such as platinum palladium printing. Consequently the images he captures have a warm inner beauty with a distinct vintage feel to them.

Preuss describes his photographic style as poetic and timeless. His photographic aesthetic is simple elegance, the simplicity is achieved by a synthesis of all of the dimensions of his medium, each one of which he carries to a point of high complexity. Line, light and shape are of equal importance to him; Preuss' images evince his balanced appreciation of and concern and respect for the full range of photography's possibilities.

“Preuss approaches the photographic study of the human form by emphasizing relaxed and self-possessed expression over abstract form or blatant sensuality. Preuss enhances the sense of admiration that he has for his subjects by presenting them in subtle amber-toned platinum prints that augment complexity and individuality” - Art Critic Michael Weinstein    (Large Format Journal - PDF Article)

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